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or office 

organisation & decluttering 

Has the clutter in your home or office gotten out of hand? Is it affecting your well-being? If things have gotten to a point where your family or co-workers are constantly complaining, or you never invite people over to your home because of the mess, those are probably signs that your cluttered life has gotten out of control. Let Gina help you with the process of letting go and assisting in putting your life in order to reduce the stress of the mess.

Small business

office organisation

Has your filing and paper sorting painfully piled up?

Or perhaps you need a fresh set of eyes to help make the office space more conducive to productivity? Maybe you need assistance arranging things to make work areas Covid compliant or more organised? Let Gina reorganise and reinvent your  office space and environment allowing for more efficiency and better performance from your team.

Pantry & Grocery 


Find it difficult to search

for groceries in an

over stocked or

unorganised pantry?

Looking to create

a more aesthetically

pleasing and

uniform design?

Let Gina source unique

& designer storage solutions or simply allow her

to  set up an

organised system

of FIFO. 

(first in, first out) 


& non-medical

Recovery aid

Having a scheduled operation or procedure that will

keep you immobilised

for a few days or weeks?

Allow Gina to offer

you non-medical

support by  handling

chores and errands

you will not be able

to get during your

recovery and


trimonthly Organisation


Once the decluttering has been completed, or the organisation processes and systems have been put in place, don't allow things to fall back to how they were.

Gina understands that life can often keep you from keeping on top of things.

For a customised fee, follow up visits can be arranged trimonthly to maintain the systems, keep the clutter at bay and guarantee a happier and healthier

state of mind. 

Deceased estate 

clearance & sympathetic sorting

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult and being responsible for organising and sorting a deceased estate can be even more difficult and overwhelming.⁣ 

Let Gina hold your hand through the painful process

of managing the clearing of your loved one’s home,  respectfully and empathically. 

senior downsizing services

Moving locally or moving abroad? Downsizing from a big home to a pack up

and go lifestyle? Are you a senior citizen with a lifetime of accumulations to sort through before you can relocate? Let Gina assist with the packing, sorting, decluttering and the various challenges often associated with the process of moving. 

Storage unit

inventory & reorganisation

Can't remember what you have stored in your

storage unit?

Need to sell or

reorganise stored items?

Let Gina take a

full inventory and

help you keep on top

of your stored assets

and track multiple

inventory locations.

Please note :

This is a commitment-free consultation. However, a consultation fee may apply based on locality and distance.  (AA rates will be applied and quoted). Consultation fee is refundable upon job confirmation. Thank you. 

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